Sunday, February 12, 2006

Two Brothers In Recovery

Here is a pix of a Brother Tim and I before a CASA Meeting. He has done well in his recovery and is now suppose to be @ Mather Community Campus ~ a two-year transitioal housing program that I once attended.

He is a succcessful graduate of the ARC! I hope he continues to do well and does not get fooled by the island of being at Mather. The battle goes on, just sometimes our battleground changes.

I have not seen him at Sally's CASA Meetings since he left for Mather. Sometimes folks go there and kind of forget about those they leave behind, then, to be fair sometimes we have to move forward in our lives and not look back!

Nevertheless, one should always always remember their roots, especially their roots where their recovery first got started, took root and helped them grow on their Spiritual Path.

Mather Community Campus (MCC) MCC is a residential transitional housing site that provides training, employment and housing to employable homeless individuals and families. Residents may be housed for up to two years and are provided with case management and employment services on site. Applicants must be referred to MCC and case managed by a homeless shelter provider, school or other social service agency, and be drug and alcohol free to be admitted.
Web Site: click here

For more information, call: (916) 228-3100 or
contact Joan Evans at (916) 228-3102
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