Friday, February 17, 2006

Two Sisters In Recovery!

Two Sisters in recovery: Patricia and Lisa taken @ Sally's!

I love these two Sisters and respect all Sisters in recovery who have the self-love, common sense and intelligence to take their recovery seriously.

Many times sisters who have suffered from addiction, in varying degrees at different times in their lives, have hang-ups about openly admitting that they are in recovery or even need recovery. The same goes with brothers, but some sisters have a harder time with it because it is not seen as lady like or feminine.

Nevertheless, when a sister gets serious about her recovery and back involved in life she can shine out in a way she has never done before and the beautiful within shines outward!

With men, sometimes a guy will think that it is not manly or macho to admit that he has a 'problem' with his drinkin' or druggin', thus, many continue on to their own peril and their eventual downfall.

A real macho man will know his limits and take care of his general health in order to function as a man in what is still a man's world.

Above all, progressive recovery is a matter of getting well and of healing ourselves from the ills and ailments that many of us have suffered in our lives.

~Peta de Aztlan
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