Monday, March 13, 2006

CASA Spiritual Healing Workshops

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Community Notice! Open CASA Spiritual Healing Workshops
@Downtown Sacramento Christian Science Reading Room!
CASA ~ Christians Against Substance Addiction ~ a 12-Steps Progressive Recovery Group Now Has Free Weekly CASA Spiritual Healing Workshops
WHY: To provide an open forum for all people who sincerely seek sober recovery with a humane Christian approach to spiritual healing!

WHEN: Every Friday Afternoon @ 3 PM

WHERE: Downtown Sacramento Christian Science Reading Room
900 ‘J’ Street ~ (916) 441-5248
{Across from Cesar Chavez Plaza Park}

The purpose of the Downtown Christian Science Reading Room is to serve the community. If you are stressed and looking for peace and spiritual refreshment it is a quiet place to safely study and pray. If you are troubled or sick, it is a place to find healing. You do not have to be a Christian Scientist to use a Reading Room.
All are welcome! @
Regular Open CASA 12-Steps Meetings are held every Sunday
@ 7 pm at the Salvation Army ‘Center of Hope’
~ 1200 NORTH ‘B’ STREET ~ Sacramento, California.

CASA Online:

CASA 12-Steps Program Blog:

Love God, Stay Straight and Help Others!
Brother Peter S. Lopez {aka Peta} ~ Field Coordinator
Cell Phone: 916/ 968-1023

Believers of all faiths and
Non-Believers of all persuasions are welcomed!

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~~ John 8:32

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