Sunday, April 16, 2006

Checking In! ~ Easter Sunday ~04-15=2006

We had our regular CAsA 12-Steps Meeting this evening and had a good turn out. I do not just go by how many people are there to determine whether a meeting is a good one or not.

I truly believe the Scripture that wherever two or more people are gathered in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that his Holy Spirit is there with us all.

Usually @ a CASA 12-Steps Meeting I will first ask who is there for their first CASA Meeting because we do not follow the usual A.A. format.

To start out, I introduce myself and open with a moment of silence, followed by the Complete Serenity Prayer. Then we read the CASA 12-Steps and related Scriptures, plus, the Ten Commandments.

Next, in the belief that sharing is caring, we go around the room and check in by saying our name, our poison of choice and our recovery status that states what we are doing for our continued recovery, what step we are working on and other matters of concern.

We encourage feedback!

At the end of the meeting we stand up, get in a prayer circle and close with the Lord's Prayer!

We mention the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and took courage from the fact of his actual resurrection. We want to be winners and be on the winning side!

~Brother Peta
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