Sunday, June 04, 2006

06-04-26: Barbeque at the 700 Club & CASA Junta

Today I was invited by Brother Randy F. to a great bar-be-que at the 700 Club at Detox or CATC ~the Comprehensive Alcoholism and Treatment Center~ and I had a great relaxing time.

We had some good food, good company and watched a couple of movies. I could make myself at home there and would even look at it as a kind of vacation if I had to stay there for a bit. It does not take much to keep me satisfied these days. A good book , good lighting and a good mind. Leave me alone, I'm fine!

Afterwards, Brother Randy gave Beautiful Brenda and I a ride out to the CASA Meeting at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter. We had a good meeting and I hope that people enjoy it as much as I do. It is like we are all healing together, talking about the 12-Steps, the Word of God and sharing our thoughts and feelings about how we are doing in our continued recovery.

Next Sunday, I will have Brother Jeff. T. conduct the Meeting and I am sure he will do well. I plan to go to an orientation with Indymedia to help learn about utilizing that website for better Internet-media access.

In life we should learn how to appreciate the simple pleasures and small joys of life. So many times I have lost track of those times lost in my old chemical addiction. Nowadays, I have learned an appreciation of Life I never had before.

After the CASA Meeting, Brother Randy gave me a ride home then he was going to drive Sister Brenda home. I pray for her safety and the continued safety of all those I care about.

Love God, Stay Straight and Help Others ~ Peta de Aztlan
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