Thursday, August 31, 2006

Recovery Happens Rally in Sacramento!:
August 31,st, 2006

Today was the Recovery Happens Celebration!

It was a great event that happens every year here in Sacramento. Brother Mark Lundholm --a hilarious yet serious recovering comedian-- was the main speaker and he did well.

It was good to see about a few thousand people there who are working on their recovery one day at a time. Under a tent, there were different recovery programs who presented information about their programs with people who are conversing about their recovery and related issues.

Indeed, there is a developing, growing and expanding recovery movement inside the United States. This is timely and appropriate as the biggest consumers of both lega and illegal drugs are the people of the United States.

Many left-wing radical groups fail to fathom the great positive influence and further potential of the whole recovery movement to help create better and brighter people who can be and are of service to our local communities.

People who are into recovery have a better unstanding of society, a better understanding of human nature and a better understanding of the power to change life for the better.

The basic A.A. 12-Steps Program speaks to us having a higher power, being honest in all our realtions, eradicating our character defects and becoming a better humane being! Get with the program!!!

* Rally at 11:00AM!! * Music
* Breakfast 8:30AM! * Speaker Meetings
* Information Fair * Singers
Special Guest Speaker,
Mark Lundholm!!
Save the Date!!!
AUGUST 31ST, 2006
For more information, Call:
Ken Jones, CAARR (916) 338-9460 - Ext 16
Recovery Happens Receives Partial Funding From The State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.
We Support:
Special Guest Speaker,
Mark Lundholm!!

California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources


We Provide

CAARR's goal is to educate and provide statewide resources for recovering and suffering alcoholics and addicts living in California. CAARR provides programs and offers support for the development of organizations benefiting alcoholics, addicts, their families and the community at large.

CAARR is a membership-based organization dedicated to accomplishing its goals by facilitating communication, cooperation and collaboration among our community-based recovery programs.

PO Box 214127
Sacramento, CA. 95821
Office: (916) 338-9460
Fax: (916) 338-9468

Please feel free to submit information about your organization, its activities or other recovery related items of interest to our offices (add email contact).

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