Saturday, September 16, 2006

Anybody Have A Band Aid?

Anybody Have A Band Aid?

Sirens blaring all through the night, no one notices the dope fiends tweaking towards another fight!

Traffic bumper to bumper, seems like everyone wants a late night fix.

Hoe Stroll, non stop action, as the ladies of the evening put their tricks in the mix.

If only for a moment, I wish I were blind. So tired of seeing this unfortunate reality, my eyes are tired of drowning in tears after tears. Anybody have a band aid?

Black, yellow, brown and white, no time for prejudices on this Friday night, skunk weed effortlessly fills the innocent air. Music blasting over all conversation, you’d think they care?

Junkies are nodding out, too late to look for their pride. Blinding wheels of chrome; look at that pimped out ride.

If only for a moment, I were deaf,
why must I hear the sounds of failure?
The noises of disappointment, and violence, anybody have a band aid?

Babies having babies, blood tests will hopefully find the father? Damn; failed the drug test again, why did I smoke that faddy? Snorted crystal-meth all night, hallucinations is all I see.

Anybody Have A Band Aid?

Can’t graduate, when you’re loaded taking the S.A.T., can’t read, can’t spell, but I love to sleep.
Sadly, no one in the family has worn a cap and gown.

If only for a moment, I wish I were mute, loosing my patience to speak the truth. Words of hope and encouragement; leaves me puzzled and stuttering for progress.

Anybody Have A Band Aid?

Prayer Needs No Sight Or Sound Or Spoken Word.
Your Faith In GOD, Will Fix All That Is Broken,
And Heal All That’s Hurt.

By: John Gregg Jr. Aug 6th 2001.

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