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My name is Joe Talancon I am 46 years old. When I was four years old I was molested by someone older it came to me when I hand wrote my testimony the first time all these years it left my mind until now the lord is doing something with I hope I was in sixth grade when I started doing drugs first marijuana and sex and cross tops which was speed also I used to steel those from my dad by seventh grade I was doing Meth and cocaine one or both we used to chop it up together and do lines. I smoked cigarettes and drank beer by ninth grade I was dealing. My mother and father were swingers they had a lot of parties drugs sex going on everywhere so my brothers and I seen it all men-men woman-woman. 3-4people together we missed nothing so you learn it is all good experiments and experiences come your way. I would just like to mention my father was very abusive he used to beat the heck out of my Mother, I would sometimes jump in and take the beatings for her he would sometimes kick her out of the house I would go with her we would sleep in the car because she did not want the family to know that is the only reason I never ran away from home because of my Mother I have seen him take a steak knife and stick it in her hand because dinner was not right. when we were teenagers we used to back trucks up in garages and load up all we could take and run it was okay with dad he would pick what he wanted first we grew up in fair oaks there were our Mexican family one other Mexican family one black brother and sister kindergarten to high school we were called beaners and spics you know what the black family were called but our dad did not want us in gangs I did play little league baseball I was a star home runs every game but you know where I ended up.
19yrs, old all I knew was sex drugs alcohol stealing went into the army Germany married a German woman cheated the whole was in Germany for 5yrs divorced after 3yrs came back to fort riley Kansas drank sex acid military does not test for acid 1986 came back to Sacramento father was dying of cancer mother had multiple sclerosis mom was in bad shape grandparents did a bunch of legal stuff had custody of my mom by then I was back to being a dope fiend went awol trying to get my mom back not sure how long but was court-martialed after 8yrs in the army got way lost ruin the streets with gangs bikers whatever not sure what year on mothers day mom was visiting us kids blurted out grandpa was molesting her so I took my mom with me ended up married again kept mom with us until she could no longer eat they had to tube feed her . Another divorce back in the streets hardcore now no cares whatsoever dealing going into homes collecting hurting people beating them down. now got clean again started driving truck doing good got married again 1991 drove for about a year got back into dope new my wife was an alcoholic found out she was addicted to codeine taking 13 a day did everything wrong in this relationship but physical abuse 1997 my step-daughter was about to have her third child hardly remember the first years of first two so high one month before baby born went home went to bed got clean 30days before I left the house again had to tell everybody get out of my days before baby was born step-daughter told I could see the baby born me and my son in-law were a few minutes late but I was there clean and sober. A few days later my wife told me about her addiction to codeine so we got her clean and sober a few months later my wife started growing out I started teasing about trading her in for young hard body girl that is just how I was back in day.
Then asked her to take the test. And she was pregnant, We had a beautiful little girl they both got sick terribly the next day, wanted to go get high so bad stayed at the hospital did not leave for 2 weeks ate slept showered at the hospital my family brought cloths so I would not leave, I told the hospital to quit giving meds to my wife she had sorosis would not listen student doctor came in from UCD one day I said you are killing my wife they checked found out she had sclerosis to her off meds 2 days she was ready to go home. Juels had quit eating after I fed her first time she had infection called NEC premise develop Jackie was only 6 months when Juels was born so they cut part of intestines and colon out she spent 2months in the hospital. I went to hospital at 4am went work went back 5pmtill10pm went home took care of mom. Came home the end of 2001 the owner of clutch specialists decided to sell the shop there was a Fijian group of men that hung around the shop next door to me to me this one guy knew him for about 2months ask me if I wanted the money to buy the shop I said yes he lent me the money. March02 bought the shop fathers day 02 was invited to church by old neighbors I knew GOD had kept me by now I needed him to watch over my daughter so I thought went to church walked thru the doors HOLY SPIRIT grabbed hold of me the whole service found out later we had gone to wrong church went to the right one the next week have been in church ever since, water baptized June o3. This church did not have enough for me moved on my pastor called me one day said I was going to pastor school no choice he had already prayed for every thing best choice ever made I was already on fire for the LORD but now I really was thank you LORD. Came back from pastor school feb11,05 feb18,05 wife went to hospital by ambulance you see my wife I found out later had chronic pain her doctor was giving her methadone synthetic heroine she carpel tunnel surgery on both wrist nov04 that doctor was giving her vicodin for her wrist she was eating both like candy plus my vicodin for my back and what every body at work was giving her so much drug in her system caused her liver to shut down that is why the hospital feb19 pretty much shut down feb20 2:30am sitting in her room the LORD spoke to me for the first time said I am taking your wife as a new Christian I said okay LORD I accept so for the three days I walked the halls of Kaiser making a covenant with my DADDY I have a blown disk in my neck and lower back insulin for Diabetes 263lbs,Have 7yr old daughter that I must raise alone overweight could not run play work very well so I said you heal me and I will go the streets and serve your people, The day my wife past I threw all my meds away for about seven months I FASTED PRAYED lost 53lbs the pain went away now I take some pills every day for diabetes If I eat a lot of sugar sometime: GOD put this beautiful young woman of GOD in my life she loved me and my daughter unconditionally thru CHRIST we are engaged we PRAY together talk together serve our FATHER together THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!
So this is where HIS-STREETS-MINISTRIES birth came about thru the LORD I preach every Saturday and we feed about 200 or more people, People are excepting CHRIST! prayers are being answered so right now we ask for your prayers daily that some property owner will open up for us on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm AMEN. A VESSEL OF OUR FATHER MIN Joe Talancon I leave you with this (CHASE AFTER A LIFE OF LOVE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT BECAUSE IT DOES 1COR14:1)
We Meet Every Saturday @ the Salvation Army Parking Lot - Sacramento, CA

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