Monday, March 26, 2007

Pictures from Around Sally's


Upper Left: Counselor Peter... waiting patiently for his counselor..;->
Upper Right: Nurse Aide Pretty Pauline, Nurse Janice (?) and Wanna Be With Nurse Johnny L.
Lower Left: Sister Tanya B. & Wanda C. at Women's Empowerment Graduation
Lower Right: Sisters Patricia, Shy-ann (in center as usual) and Evelyn


Upper Left: Shelter Coordinator Larry D.
Upper Right: Administrative Aide Tina M.
Lower Left: Nurse Vicki ~ The most dedicated medical professional I have known in the area!
Lower Right: Counselor & Caseworker Evelyn!


These two beautiful sisters graduated recently from Women's Empowerment
[website to be added]
Left: Sister Tanya B. Right: Sister Wanda C.


My old Amigo Manny G. ~~
Upper Left: Hospitalized after being hit by a car while on his bike crossing 12th Street
Upper Right: After being released getting better...
Lower Left: Getting better day-by-day...
Lower Right: Recovery is ultimately serious business!

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