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Drug Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment at Support Systems

Drug Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment at Support Systems

treatment philosophy
Our treatment philosophy is based on the belief that treatment of the being as a whole - mind, body, and spirit, is necessary to successfully confront and arrest the progressive diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction. Years of experience have shown that a combination of expert counseling and medical staff, a strong network of support, and active involvement in the recovery community is the most effective approach to treatment of chemical dependency. An approach based on these principles is the foundation of Support Systems Homes' exemplary success rate in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.


Substance Abuse Treatment

Each year, the disease of chemical dependence affects more than twenty million Americans, their families, friends, and employers. Without proper treatment, the prognosis is poor for those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction: the body deteriorates, the mind is damaged, and the spirit is crushed. Identification and treatment of the disease are critical to the process of arresting and beginning to mend the damage wrought by addiction.

Support Systems Homes treatment programs offer hope to men, women and their families suffering from the devastating consequences of chemical dependency. Our comprehensive system of recovery services is based on the following beliefs:

1. Abstinence from alcohol and mind-altering drugs must be maintained in order to effectively treat the disease of addiction.

2. Recovery is an ongoing process and each aspect of life that is affected by alcohol and drug use must be addressed. We emphasize treatment of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and family aspects of addiction and alcoholism.

Ongoing research consistently demonstrates that education and outreach are the keys to removing the social stigma often encountered by recovering addicts and alcoholics. An approach that combines treatment of the mind, body, and spirit with education and skills development is the key to the lifelong journey of recovery. By using scientifically-based and tested treatment components, Support Systems Homes can affect positive outcomes for those seeking treatment for chemical dependence.

Treatment at Support Systems Homes is the beginning of a new and better way of life. We provide extensive exposure to recovery principles, and work to remove barriers that may prevent acceptance of those principles. This is accomplished in a warm, peer-oriented environment, guided by compassionate, professional staff.

Drug Addiction and alcoholism are chronic, progressive, and ultimately fatal diseases. To address the devastating impact of alcoholism and drug addiction on all facets of life, we offer several levels of care, some of which are not time-limited. From Social Model Detoxification to Residential, Outpatient, Day Treatment, and Sober Living, Support Systems Homes provides supportive, substance-free environments with varying amounts of structure. Thus, the often difficult transition into mainstream society can be accomplished with a minimum of chaos.

Staff and program participants work together as a team to develop individualized treatment plans that treat the being as a whole - body, mind and spirit. Team-based treatment and aftercare planning, alcohol and drug education, exposure to 12 step recovery principles, participation in 12 step programs, and active participation in the local recovery community are integral parts of our curriculum.

Building a strong network of support is essential for recovering addicts and alcoholics to maintain sobriety and grow in recovery. Support Systems Homes recognizes this, and in response, founded an alumni association that sponsors year-round social and recreational activities, as well as an aftercare program to help keep clients involved in recovery.
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