Thursday, July 12, 2007

Response: On Living Sober In San Francisco: por Peter S. Lopez {aka: Peta-de-Aztla¢n}

July 12, 2007 @6:24 AM
Gracias Sister Linda ~ I saw the good, the ugly and in between in San Francisco. I am glad you saw the slideshow @:

Thank you for your resposne and encouragement. Good words from you are always important to us, including our Brother Roberto who is still doing well, though, he needs to stay straight and get some solid clean time under his belt, but he is making daily progress.

He is in a 'clean and sober' house right now, along with Sarah, called One Step Up! and I want to help build and expand it because the managers of the program are open to suggestions and it is sorely needed.

Yes, it has been a long hard road for many of us. For me, getting serious about my progressive recovery in relation to what I term 'connected reality' was and is key to my overall spiritual enlightenment.

For me, the social conditions in my life and seeing the horrible social conditions that many repressed people live under was a factor in my just saying "Fuck it!" and then getting fucked up in order to seek a temporary escape from 'connected reality', then, when I came to with a severe hangover the next day I realized that life was worse than before.

Plus, it makes good common sense for us to take care of our own health in the mental, physical and spiritual sphere.

We may not be able to change all the things we want, but we can come together and change the things we can in our lives. My Christian Ministry has long been helping homeless recovering addicts achieve a 'Spiritual Awakening' by getting involved in what I call 'progressive recovery', not just sterile apathetic sobriety.
For us, it is not enough to just stay sober, we must venture our into the real rip-and-tear world to make it a better world for all of us.

Whether we are 'in recovery' or not, all of us as humane beings should get involved in our local community, go outside and help others and take an active role in 'connected reality'. We actually help ourselves, especially our self-esteem, when we help others.

People who are 'into recovery' and participate in 'recovery meetings' tend to have a lot better understanding of themselves and of other people in their lives in the real world. We are hip to what is really going on most than most.

We strive to do a daily inventory, should write a daily journal and are more aware of our own character defects and shortcomings that we work on getting rid of in our continued 'progressive recovery', such as, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, jealousy and other flaws in human character. We will not achieve this to perfection, but we seek progress in our continued spiritual growth and maturity. It is all a dynamic living process, not a frozen conclusion.

The triad of this living process is daily sobriety, real recovery and spiritual maturity. On a subjective level, we must come to believe that drug addiction can be arrested, treated and cured. Thus, we are not doomed to live out our lives as drunks and dope fiends. My life and the lives of many others is ample proof and real evidence of our capacity to truly healing ourselves.

Blessings and Prayers~ Your Brother Peter S. Lopez (aka Peta)

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ wrote:
Hi petey;
I liked the pictures that you took especially the one of the ocean.
Looks like you really had a good time out there. And staying cool being so close to the water.
It's been a long hard road for you and you should be really proud of all that you have accomplised.
Keep Going Strong!!!
Luv Sis

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