Friday, August 03, 2007

FYI> Alcohol/Drug Abuse Treatment Systems for Homeless Persons

ITEM #: HHS-01-071
CFDA #: TI 01-006
Program Title: Alcohol/Drug Abuse Treatment Systems for Homeless Persons
Department: HHS
Agency: SAMHSA
Grantee: Health Care For The Homeless, Inc
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Proposal Title: Residential Addiction Treatment for Homeless Women
Year: 2001
CD-ROM # Custom CD only
Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless, Inc. (HCH), a non-profit, community-based healthcare provider, requests $1,799,982 over a three-year period to expand the local substance abuse treatment system for homeless women. The project will create a 15-bed (adult), 6-9 month residential recovery program that will serve 40 homeless women annually, including those with children, and will develop an outpatient program that annually will serve 50 women preparing for entry into or a return residential recovery or transitional housing. HCH will formalize agreements with other homeless and substance abuse services providers to strengthen linkages between system components for women entering and progressing through treatment. Project partners include: City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Metropolitan Central Intake, Albuquerque Metropolitan Sobering Services, St. Martin's Hospitality Center, Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center, Rural Housing, Inc., PB&J, Inc. (family services) and others. The project will also provide more seamless access to comprehensive wrap-around services, and more intense and continuous engagement with the treatment system. The local Homeless Advocacy Coalition/Continuum of Care Planning Process has identified treatment services for homeless women as a critical gap. Women who are experiencing homelessness and in need of substance abuse treatment in Albuquerque have limited options for services. Due to their housing instability and the frequent prevalence of co-occurring disorders, they are unable to participate successfully in outpatient programs while struggling to meet daily needs while on the streets. The proposed expansion project will: measure effectiveness of treatment, when matched with safe and supportive residential recovery resources; reduce substance use; improve treatment outcomes, increase longer-term housing stability, and improve general health and self-care. A contracted research evaluation team will measure whether the proposed expansion is successful at changing behavior and in improving treatment integration for the target population.
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