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Women's Empowerment Graduation Pictures +: December 12, 2007

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Here is a Link for Women's Empowerment Graduation Pictures of December 12, 2007:
LInk to Previous Women's Empowermnt Graduation:
Working with homeless women, we have learned about the causes, the challenges, and the issues that have brought, and in many cases kept a woman homeless. In an effort to break the cycle of homelessness, we have created a safe, supportive and educational place called Women's Empowerment (WE). Our eight-week classes offer homeless women the training, mentoring and support necessary to obtain and maintain employment. Our curriculum (view curriculum) includes in-depth job seeking and job development skills, but in addition, we offer personal empowerment exploration, personal issue problem solving and job retention support. It is this unique mix of experiences that we feel helps our students be successful.
Homeless women face many unique barriers that make it difficult to succeed in typical welfare-to-work programs. These women need help identifying their strengths, establishing a secure home and developing a recent work history. Individual case management and mentoring helps each women connect to the community resources and services she needs as housing, childcare and transportation. Eliminating these barriers help the women get one step closer to breaking the cycle.

We have found that women lacking a home often lack hope. Through the work in the classes and the support of their classmates, these feelings of despair and anger fade as women discover their strengths and begin to rediscover their potential. Self-confidence takes root and women blossom as they express themselves creatively through journaling, clay work and other experiential activities. Our staff and volunteers provide encouragement and mentoring to help the women participate in many of these unfamiliar and therapeutic activities. Within our safe and intimate classroom setting, the women have the opportunity to develop close personal relationships and begin to trust each other. These relationships, along with monthly support meetings, help provide an ongoing support system for our graduates.
Also, be sure to view these Resources for Women.

Homeless women who want to change their lives face many obstacle
personally and in the workplace. They want to succeed, but they need help – securing a safe place to live, creating a resume, developing basic work and personal skills. Add to this the problems of transportation, childcare and domestic violence, and it's no wonder that homeless women are trapped in part-time work and low paying jobs – never breaking the cycle of poverty.


Women's Empowerment is a unique program, located at Loaves & Fishes, which provides a holistic approach for homeless women to become truly self-reliant.

Through mentoring, the transformative training curriculum, peer support and individual job development the Women's Empowerment program provides homeless women with the skills and self-confidence necessary not only to get a job, but also to succeed at work.

The Women's Empowerment program works! 80% of Women's Empowerment graduates have secured housing and 80% have obtained employment or are enrolled in school.


There are many welfare-to-work programs, but Women's Empowerment is targeted to specifically address the barriers faced by homeless women. Women's Empowerment provides childcare, transportation assistance,
parenting enrichment, and family violence prevention. "At Women's Empowerment, the staff and other students believed in me until I could believe in myself


The program focuses on four main areas:

Job Training and Placement


Interpersonal communications
Developing good worker traits
Support systems
Career exploration

Resume preparation
Money/time management
Obtaining GED/college re-entry
Dress for success

Job search and interviewing skills

Mock interviews
Continued contact between job mentor and graduates
Anger and stress management
Writing and Journaling
Goal Development
Women of History
Meditation and relaxation

One-time make-over

Parenting classes



Weekly one-on-one meetings with case manager
Weekly meeting with volunteer job mentor
Childcare solutions
Housing information assistance
Transportation assistance
Clothing for interviews
Legal support
Ongoing support groups for graduates
Individual support to maintain
Women's Health Education
HIV/STD referral and counseling
Mental health referral and counseling
Substance abuse prevention and support
Coping with depression workshop
Domestic violence learning and support group

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