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Response to Senor Burns; The CASA 12-Steps Program Blog! : A Progressive Christian Approach to Recover...

1-22-08 @8:45 PM/PST
Gracias for your response Senor Burns ~ I know the Lord will bless those who seek to teach the truth to people and the needed donations will be forthcoming. I myself cannot afford such a donation right now with my meager income but as the word gets spread out more and more I am sure it will come to grow and bear fruit.

I ordered the book about 'The Conversion of Bill W.' online from your website a couple of months ago when you mentioned it and enjoyed it a lot for its affirmation. The truth is the truth and no matter what fools try to suppress it will all come out.

We must be bold in our truth, bold in Christ and not be meek about the truth. You have come out with the truth about Bill W. and Dr. Bob so continue to spread the truth. We do not need verification from any one else as ultimately it is a matter between ourselves and Creator GOd.

Let us move on and help educate thers best we can with what real resources we have available. I am not an Alcoholic Anonymous zealot or an A.A. fanatic and strive to combat all forms of substance addiction.

~Blessings, Brother Peter S. Lopez

Dick Burns <dickb@dickb.com> wrote:
As you will see, I received notice of your posting and just completed posting a reply. The word came from a history fellowship member. And I am deeply grateful for your ministry, your enthusiasm, and your support. And I hope you or yours can bring about a $400.00 donation for our Dr. Bob library plans for which we will gladly send an entire box of history books for the donor's use, for the donor to give away, for the donor to place in appropriate locations, and for study groups. God Bless, Dick

Richard G. Burns (Dick B.)
Post Office Box 837
Kihei, Maui, HI 96753-0837
(808) 874-4876

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The Conversion of Bill W.:

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From: Peter S. Lopez [mailto:sacranative@yahoo.com]
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Subject: The CASA 12-Steps Program Blog! : A Progressive Christian Approach to Recover...
Peter S. Lopez has sent you a link to a blog:

Check it out... I pray life is going well for you and your health is fine. You have been a blessing and real breakthrough for many. ~Blessings, Peter / Sacramento, California

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