Thursday, February 14, 2008

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2-14-08 @6:36 AM

Thanks Brother Dick Burns ~ My pathways in Progressive Recovery has led me to a re-newed relationship with God. a refreshing of my belief in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and has in general opened pathways in the development of my own humane character. It has all made me a better humane being and man of the people.
I will post this onto the blog if technics allow. We have CASA Meetings every Sunday at 7 PM and I am seeing more and more the role that positive aspects of the Salvation Army has had in the whole Christian recovery movement. I know that I am in the right place! Blessings, Brother Peter S. Lopez
P.S. Glad you like the pictures, especially of our CASA Supporters!

Dick Burns <> wrote:
I love the broad scope of your site and its blogs. Also the support through posting the article. Also loved seeing the pictures of the illustrious St. Peter! Dick You may post this if you like.

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Subject: The CASA 12-Steps Program Blog! : Response: A Persistent Voice for Christian ...
Peter S. Lopez has sent you a link to a blog:

Thank you for all your efforts. Even though you are far in physical distance you are close in Spiritual Communion with me. ~Blessings, St. Peter P.S. I use to be quite a devil before... so I am working on my Spiritual Conversion daily!

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