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Response: Spirituality: A Detour Away From the Highest Power--God: by Dick Burns

5-28-08 @10:23 PM ~ PST
Hola Brother Dick ~ Forgive my delayed reaction. I have been doing a little writing and researching.
I have been saving your original Email and am now just getting around to responding. I believe our Highest Power has always been the Creator and relate to true inner spirituality, not obsessed with organized religions as they manifest these days.
After I studied A.A. history more, figured stuff out for myself and evolved in my spiritual growth, I always identified more with Dr. Bob than with Bill Wilson. Bill W. always seemed like he was onto one hustle or another, whether it was a medical cure with vitamins, the occult or women at A.A. Meetings. Recall: he was more of an inside stock trader ~ illegal these days ~ than a real stock broker to my limited knowledge.
Dr. Bob always seemed like a straight arrow and very practical minded once he sobered up and took the path of righteousness..
Respectfully, Brother Peter
Sacramento, California
P.S. Emailing this and blogging in draft form too!
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Spirituality: A Detour Away From the Highest Power--God
Dick B.
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Most of us would never have been confused over a word like "spiritual," if it hadn't become so corrupted in usage by those in the recovery arena who tried so hard to bury God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, Church, and religion.
One of the long-lived, long-sober AAs Jim Houck wrote me: "Take God out of A.A., and you have nothing." I wouldn't go that far. A.A. has much to offer by way of support, a direction for sober living, and moral standards. Not to mention a special opportunity to love and serve.
However, Bill Wilson said that our major purpose was to serve God and those about us.
I would point out that every compromise which erects idols, door knobs, light bulbs, and higher powers as something you can use to find God, to pray to, or to get well is erecting a detour sign:
"Call something--anything--your higher power. Claim to be spiritual, but not religious. And go sit in meetings without a drink. Meeting makers make it."

I never got hooked on that one although I was tempted by it as a sick newcomer. The most High God is Yahweh, our Creator. That's the Heavenly Father that never let the A.A. pioneers down. He's not a "higher power." He's the "highest power." And I wouldn't settle for less--especially after 22 years of ever-more-appealing sobriety.
Gloria Deo

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