Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Letter From Deepak: April 2009

In Vedic mythology Agni is the god of fire, representing our own inner fire or the sacred light within. On a metaphorical level, Agni burns away whatever is unessential and reveals our true path or purpose. In our current economic downturn, Agni's transformative power is evident and many people are looking deeper, compelled by crisis to ask the fundamental questions Who am I? and Why am I here?

While change can feel chaotic or unfairly arbitrary, we can learn to see it as a friend rather than a foe. Every event leads to only one of two possible outcomes: Either it is positive, or it brings up something we need to learn to create more good in our lives. Here is a simple process that can help you connect to your own soul purpose:

  1. Think back on those situations and projects where you excelled and had fun at the same time. What were you doing and why did it make you feel good? What gifts do you have that can serve others?
  2. Keep a daily journal for ten days, asking yourself the questions above after meditation and then writing down everything that comes to you. Your passion is the force of evolution that drives your life energy, so don't suppress it by telling yourself that you can't do it or that it is impractical.
  3. After ten days you will have some good ideas to work with. Now list one or two action steps that you can immediately take for each idea. Start with the smallest manageable step, such as making a phone call, signing up for a course, or getting the name of a mentor or someone who may be able to help you. The important thing is to identify that current of energy in you and then give it an outlet. Once it starts to flow, it builds its own momentum and creates its own path forward. That is the river of your life – your purpose. From there you just jump in and enjoy the ride.



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Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta

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