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Radiant Recovery: ¨Healing Addiction Through Nutrition

Radiant Recovery¨

Healing Addiction Through Nutrition

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

Welcome to Radiant Recovery. I developed this online community to support your healing. The web site is full of information, ways to learn more and lots of people to guide you. I am delighted to have you here.

Radiant Recovery¨ is a revolutionary program for treating addictions of all kinds (including sugar), compulsive eating, depression and other conditions associated with faulty brain chemistry. The program has gained national attention due to its unparalleled success rate and its innovative combination of medical and holistic treatment approaches. Is it for you?

Are you tired of looking good on the outside and feeling bad on the inside? You may be sugar sensitive. Sugar sensitivity is biochemical and sets up sugar addiction, alcoholism, depression, obesity and other addictions. What and when you eat has a huge effect on your mood and craving.

Here we treat the cause, not the symptoms. Our program will restore the balance in your brain and body and allow you to heal and stop the craziness. We teach you to heal the sugar sensitivity and create a life beyond your imagination.

Sugar Sensitivity Sets You Up

Sugar-sensitive people are often highly creative, very intuitive. You have great insight and the ability to come to the crux of complex situations. You may be a top performer with a high level of achievement and you can be moody, impulsive, angry, fatigued, restless, overwhelmed and stressed out.

You are driven by cravings and look for outside things to fix feeling bad. You inherited a special body chemistry called sugar sensitivity. Sugar sensitivity sets up addiction and alcoholism. Click here to see pictures of how sugar, caffeine and speed can affect your brain.

Volatile blood sugar, low beta-endorphin, and low serotonin combine to create a physical vulnerability to using and drinking.

You cannot will or medicate your way to healing.

Simple Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity

Traditional treatment, therapy or self help does not heal the cause. We do. Radiant Recovery® changes why you are depressed, or eat or drink or relapse. Let us help you to change your life.

We treat the cause of your problem by changing your biochemistry through your diet. This is way more than symptom relief or behavioral training. This is profound, life changing recovery.

You are not alone
We can help

Radiant Recovery® has unparalleled success. Your self-esteem will skyrocket, you will become functional again and you will get your life back. Come explore our website. Visit the resources, ask questions, get connected. Your healing is waiting for you!

The day I picked up Potatoes Not Prozac, I knew you were onto something. I found myself on every page. I thought I was changing my diet, I had no idea I was getting my life back .

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Seven Steps to Feeling Great

Here are the seven steps that will free you from the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Syndrome of sugar sensitivity.

Don't try to do all seven steps all at once!

Do one step at time. Do not proceed to the next step until you have mastered the one before it. Each step builds on the last. If you try to do this program without following the seven-step sequence, it won't work. You will feel worse instead of better and you will give up.

If you do the steps in the order I recommend, you will stabilize each of the biochemical functions involved in your sugar sensitivity. There is plenty of room in the plan for you to exercise your own judgment and make your own choices. Don't tinker with the big plan.

Trust that there is a method to this madness.

You will get dramatic results if you follow the plan as it's outlined. The food plan I will show you is designed to change your blood chemistry and improve your neurotransmitter function. Even though it may seem obvious and simple, the foods in this plan actually create profound physical and emotional change. Don't be deceived by the simplicity. This is powerful medicine.

The Seven Steps of Potatoes Not Prozac

  1. Eat breakfast with protein
  2. Journal what you eat and how you feel
  3. Eat three meals a day with protein
  4. Take the recommended vitamins and have a potato before bed
  5. Shift from white foods to brown foods
  6. Reduce or eliminate sugars
  7. Create a new life

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Comment: This evening I saw Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D. on Channel 17 . She did a show about her non-drug addiction approach to recovery. To me was kind of a breakthrough in my own knowledge about the whole sobriety, recovery and healing process. We should remain open to new ways of thinking about old subjects. The biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement. She does not enjoy the term 'relapse' but has her patients think about the idea that we literally forget sometimes, thus, we suffer what is traditionally considered a relapse from our recovery treatment program.
~ Blessings, Peter S. Lopez aka: Peta


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