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Spiritual Guidance

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Spirituality is more than religion
. Being spiritual does not necessarily mean you are active in a worthwhile religion. However, being active in a worthwhile religion can assist in your spirituality. This page will focus on how spirituality can increase health, awareness, inner peace, and more. True spirituality allows you to transcend this life and discover that this life is only a tiny portion of existence. I would like to focus on what spirituality is, myths and truths about spirituality, how religion done right can benefit spirituality, untapped power from true spirituality, and examples of spirituality.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the level to which one is able to see past their own self to the many wonders that exist within and around them in this plane of existence. In simple terms, it is your ability to tap into areas of life beyond what is normal (what is able to be easily seen, heard, felt, and smelt). True spirituality allows you to tap into areas of existence that are not readily accessible to the average human.

Myths and Truths About Spirituality

Myths Abut Spirituality

There may be a belief that only those who are associated with a particular religion are considered spiritual. This is complete and utter nonsense. I do not doubt that the proper practice of a religion that focuses on good things helps spirituality, however, it is just not right to think that one who is not associated with a religion cannot be spiritual. Now, I do believe that religion done right can help increase and enhance spirituality.

There may be a belief that because someone is active in a particular religion that they are more spiritual, trustworthy, and reliable than one who is not. While in some cases this may be true, my general experience is that there are plenty of good and reliable people who are either not associated with a religion or not active with a religion. The true test of spirituality means seeing ones character and the decisions made when nobody is watching. It is the faith in the ability of other people and yourself.

There may be a belief that spirituality is only attainable by those specifically chosen or qualified to be such. You may think that achieving true spirituality is beyond your reach because you have not achieved a certain level in your life. This is not true. Even the most simple, famished, poverty stricken, less educated, and physically ailed person is capable of ultimate spirituality. Do not think for a second that you cannot tap into spirituality because of who you are or your situation.

Truths About Spirituality

You can attain spirituality regardless of who you are. You can add to your life awareness, health, and understanding by simply making a choice to do the things that are right and necessary to achieve this. Spirituality can come from following a religion where your focus is the betterment of yourself and others through kind and uplifting teachings.

Spirituality is associated with the following:
  • Compassion (being considerate of others)
  • Improvement (seeking to better yourself and others)
  • Diligence (sticking with it through good and bad)
  • Faith (Believing even when nobody else does)
  • Patience (Not being swayed by difficulties)
  • Charity (Loving unconditionally)
  • Love (The deep caring of people and things)
  • Sacrifice (Giving time and talents to help other people)
  • Honor (Staying honest and true to yourself and others)
  • Humility (Recognizing your own weaknesses)
When I was young, I played a computer game series called Ultima. As part of this game, you were an Avatar, who was a warrior of light standing for what was right. The Virtues of Ultima were a big part of that game. Even for a computer game, the virtues and principles are sound and made for an intruiging gaming experience.

Religion Done Right Can Benefit Spirituality

There are countless religions in the world today. You have Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, and more. I have no doubt that the proper application of each of these religions can increase ones spirituality. You may be wondering what religion, if any, that I am associated with. I will say this much, that I grew up with a religion and still attend it to this day. However, I have seen that true happiness and success in life does not necessarily come from simply being active in a religion. I've seen that other denominations have just as spiritual and successful people as the faith I am a part of, which leads me to believe that a great reward awaits all who seek a path of spirituality, regardless of religious denomination.

Untapped Power From True Spirituality

Untapped power from spirituality awaits any who earnestly are striving for such. What is this power? Is it the ability to shoot lightning out of your hands? The ability to levitate or heal people that are sick? I will leave the specifics of what power might be gained up to the reader to draw their own conclusions. I will say that by properly pursuing spirituality, and the various principles and virtues associated with it, that a discipline, peace, understanding, and focus in life will be gained that will set you apart far and away from the average human.

Examples of Spirituality

These are some great names of people who have achieved much in the way of spirituality. I encourage you to click their names and read the information about their lives. Their sacrifice, dedication, and devotion to serving and helping others puts them on a spiritual level that not many achieve in this life. Please do not try and focus on any negative views of these people or the organizations they are affiliated with. Rather focus on the good that these people have accomplished in their lives.

Thank you for reading about spirituality and some myths and truths about spirituality. True spirituality comes from your own dedication, desire, and diligence.

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