Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Re: Another good day and evening...

Wed Night ~ Hola Brother Kenny ~ I am glad you shared the Email but thought it would be between us only, though in a way whatever goes out online is up for grabs.

I believe that it is important for all of us who are in the 'costa nostra' ~ 'this things of ours' ~ to always be evolving, growing, expanding and raising our own consciousness.

Remember: the chemical addiction was caused by an original spiritual affliction! What was yours? Where are your here now?

I love the overall growth I go through.... revelations in such simple understandings about stuff I have been looking at all my life... finally sinking in! Remember I was a big hard head! Now I try to have a soft heart about life, about people and try not to forget!!!!!

You see we have to adopt new ways of being, new behavior patterns, new thought processes, new new new!! Change, change change!!

We had a good CASA Talking-Circle Group tonight... We  have them now here at Globe Mills... it is new.. growing and I do not care how many attend, though we have several tonight... none from Globe Mills itself except me... so far...

You know I manage a few online groups, including a CASA Yahoo Group.


Education for Liberation! Venceremos Unidos!

Peter S. López aka:~Peta-de-Aztlan~



Come Together! Join Up! Seize the Time!


From: kenneth bell <>
To: peter.lopez51 <>
Sent: Wed, October 21, 2009 6:12:44 PM
Subject: Another good day

My day started off with prayer and meditation. After battling with my mind about whether or not it was the meds. or my body that was giving me mixed signals, i decided it was just me. Now that i knew this, i was ready to start my day, which began with "Dealing With Life for Smart People", i'm not sure if i belong in that class or not:) Next its 1on1 with my development coach, it went well, then off to "Primary Scare" where i had an interesting conversation with a person who only had one can in his 6pack. Feeling much better now that i had fewer issues than him, i was ready to head home. Arriving  home at 3pm i sat and reflected on my day, thanking God for what i had. Wow, i'm hungry so i made a beef stew and while wating for it to cool, it was the perfect time to drop you a note. I showed my coach your e-mail this morning, he agrees that you would make an excelent guide. Thanks Peta.
Your friend, Kenny B.

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