Sleep Disorder Overview

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Sleep disorders are a highly common medical issue that affects millions of Americans each year. While some people suffer from mild sleeping problems, such as the occasional nightmare, others have extremely severe sleep disorders that can negatively affect their health if left untreated.In fact, 95 percent of people suffering from a sleep disorder remain undiagnosed. This staggering number means that a huge number of... Read more >


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Causes of sleep deprivation can be divided into four broad areas: lifestyle, health complications, medication side effects and clinical disorders. Finding out the cause of your sleep disorder is important because it will determine the type of treatment you need. For example, while those with lifestyle habits that affect their sleep will simply need to alter their lifestyle, those on medication or people who suffer... Read more >


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Sleep deprivation can have serious effects on your health in the form of physical and mental impairments. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, handle stress, maintain a healthy immune system and moderate our emotions. In fact, sleep is so important to our overall health that total sleep deprivation has been proven to be fatal: lab rats denied the chance to rest die within two to three weeks. Maintaining... Read more >


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If you suffer from a sleep disorder, getting treatment is important to maintaining good health. However, because the causes of sleep deprivation are so vast, including physical disabilities, lifestyle choices and emotional disorders, it may be hard to identify exactly what is disrupting your sleep.In diagnosing you, your doctor will likely perform a series of tests and ask you about your... Read more >


While many people have the occasional problem falling or staying asleep, those with insomnia suffer from a chronic condition that can manifest itself in a series of ways. Experts suggest that if your lack of a good night's sleep interferes with your daytime routine for one month or more, you may suffer from insomnia. In these cases, see your doctor to determine the cause of and treatment for your... Read more >

Sleep and Depression

Have you ever been so exhausted that your daily responsibilities seem too overwhelming to tackle? Have you ever experienced a sleepless night and felt extremely hopeless the next day? If so, you're not alone.Science has established a strong link between sleep disorders and depression. Read on to learn how depression might be causing your sleep disorder. What is Depression? Depression is a mood disorder that is... Read more >

Types of Insomnia

The various labels associated with different types of insomnia vary with the causes and duration of the sleep disturbance. Primary insomnia and secondary insomnia depend on the causes of sleep insomnia. Acute, intermittent, and chronic insomnia describe how long different types of insomnia last.Primary Insomnia Primary insomnia is unrelated to other medical conditions. Insomnia is not considered a disease. Instead... Read more >


Hypnosis can aid in the treatment of certain sleep disorders, especially bed-wetting and insomnia. Although some may be skeptical of the effectiveness of hypnosis to treat sleep disorders, it has been used as a treatment for sleep disorders since the 1930s. Through hypnosis, people can explore the underlying emotional issues that may be disrupting their sleep. The Practice of Hypnosis Therapies When a person is... Read more >