Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10 Elements of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

On any given day in the United States, one million people are in treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction. It is not getting into treatment, however, that makes the difference. Instead, it is what a person gets out of treatment. The fact that many people do not find success in treatment on their first attempt is due in part to a lack of understanding about what makes effective treatment.

The ten effective elements of treatment are;

1. There is no treatment formula that will work for everyone.
2. Medically supervised withdrawal is only one step in addiction treatment; alone it will do little.
3. Length of treatment counts
4. Drug addiction is a multidimensional problem, and treatment needs to address all of an individual's needs
5. Counseling (individual and/or group) is a critical part of effective addiction treatment.
6. Medications are an important part of treatment for many people.
7. Drug testing during treatment is important.
8. Alcoholics and addicts with mental health disorders should be treated for both at the same time.
9.Addiction Treatment works even for people who don't choose it of their own free will.
10. Don't give up.

As with other chronic illnesses, relapses can occur during or after successful treatment episodes. Addicted individuals may need lengthy treatment and more than one time in treatment before they can enjoy long-term abstinence and full restoration to a drug free life. The period after treatment is just as important as being in treatment. Finding support and continuous work to stay drug free will be necessary. A slip or relapse is just an indicator that more work, and possibly more treatment, is necessary. Don’t give up.

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