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On the Meaning of Christmas to Me via Peta de Aztlan ~Christmas Day 2010


On the Meaning of Christmas to Me via Peta de Aztlan ~Christmas Day 2010

To me, Christmas time is all about the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and that is the primary reason for the whole Holiday Season. I say 'to me' because I cannot speak for everyone else, but I can speak for me as an entity. In fact, I am the only one that I am an expert on and can authoritatively speak for me now, not any other mortal.

I believe in the Creator of the Cosmos, a great divine beingness who brought about all of Creation as we know it. I am not here to debate about it all because I still do not even have a complete definition of the Creator. Nor can the mortal mind fully comprehend what Creator is in the ordinary language of words. Creator is something I feel in my being rather than know as a direct experience in my brain. Creator is what I sense inside and comes close to me when I feel the Holy Spirit within my eternal soul.

I am not a fanatical Christian, though I identify with the one called Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, who I believe was the son of God.

Jesus said to them, Is it not written in your Law, I said, you are gods?
~ John 10:34 ~Ancient Eastern Text

All of us should be sons or daughters of God or Goddess, depending upon your own free will. Nobody is forcing anyone here. All true believers in Creator have a sacred belief in the Creator no matter the great religion one may believe in or not. Let us not be divided based upon any religious belief system or divisive denomination.

I see Creator in the naturalness of nature, in the heavens above and in the poppies of the fields in Afghanisnam. I see Creator in the clear eyes of an innocent child.

Let us take what good wisdom we can from the Holy Bible, from the Koran or from any great book written by inspired mortals. Let the Holiday Season bring remembrances of what is good, what is beauty, what is truth and what brings us together as one family of humanity.

Be united within your own inner self as a humane being who has care, concern and compassion for others. Seek to be united with other loving beings in your world. The sun shines down on us and the rain comes upon us alike. We are all of Mother Earth. All living beings are of my family. Sometimes we have great family feuds we know of us wars. Sometimes there are battles within our own personal blood families. Peace is a worthy great goal and all I want for Christmas is Peace on Earth.


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