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Purpose of the CASA Blogspot:
By Peta ~CASA Field Coordinator

My name is Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta. I am the CASA 12-Steps Field Coordinator and a 54-years old Chicano of Mexican-indigenous ancestry. Here are some different pictures of me at different times in my recovery, though; I have had my fair share of relapses, though, not as bad or severe as before. Thank God!

I focus more on the avoidance of severe addiction, practice complete abstinence from all drugs and alcohol and try to help homeless addicts get into progressive recovery in my own personal life as a part of my Christian ministry.

I keep coming back, keep working on my continued recovery and consider myself as being recovered just for today. Tomorrow we will see. I take it one day at a time.

My clean date is now June 24th, 2004!

In my past active addiction, I lost a lot of self-respect because of my personal wrongdoings. In the past, I was a low-live dope dealer who thought of myself as a lean, mean fighting machine. I was actually merely a sucked up dope fiend. Thus, I am a recovered drunk, dope fiend and derelict just for today. Tomorrow we'll see!

Nowadays, I am trying to build up my self-esteem these days in a good way by building up my humane character and working on my character defects, shortcomings and inner demons.

A severe relapse is a sign of our continued sickness not our healthy recovery; yet it can contain valuable life lessons about our personal recovery program and its defects that we can work on, correct and improve in order to help us avoid any future downfall.

We must stay aware of any warning signs in our thinking-mentality, behavior-patterns or negative associations that can lead to a possibly fatal relapse. Learn from past mistakes in order to steer clear of any landmines, booby traps and trip wires in the future terrain we traverse.

About the CASA 12-Steps Group
CASA ~an acronym for Christians Against Substance Addiction~ is a progressive Christian recovery group that was divinely inspired by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

CASA 12-Steps Meetings are held at the Salvation Army 'Center of Hope' homeless shelter in Downtown Sacramento every Sunday at 7 PM. All who are sincerely interested have an Open Invitation to come check out one of our meetings and share in our peopleship.

Our CASA Online Home Page on the Internet:

In essence, we are interesting in building up a strong wholistic {whole + holy} health program and humane maturation process that involves three main elements:

1. Daily Sobriety

2. Progressive Recovery

3. Social Liberty

We believe our Lord Jesus Christ divinely inspired CASA and it started out at the local Salvation Army homeless shelter here in Sacramento, California.

Around 1995, Pastor Clent Arby, who was then Shelter Director, had the idea of creating a Christian 12-Step Group for homeless clients who resided there. He saw the obvious interconnections between homeless issues and abuse/addiction issues. Thus, a group of 'in house' clients at the time thought of the name 'casa', which means 'home' or 'house' in Spanish.

As the preamble for CASA 12-Steps states we support A.A. and all positive self-help recovery groups as we should all support each other and not be divided like seperate religious denominations.

Keep in mind that the co-founders of A.A., Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, were middle-class professional white men who had financial and professional considerations for keeping their new group ‘Anonymous’. I believe we should be honest with all people who interact in our lives about our continued recovery so that they will be sensitive to our specialness.

CASA came straight out of a homeless shelter and recognizes the social roots of drug addiction issues, including the misery of poverty and the wretched conditions of life for people all over the world who suffer under political oppression, economic exploitation and many times even military repression.

Progressive Recovery:

My main concept in relation to recovery in general is one what I term progressive recovery which goes beyond early sober recovery.

Progressive recovery advocates our personal active involvement in the People’s Liberation Movement. Sobriety is the gateway to our recovery and eventually liberty from all forms of chemical addiction, another form of oppression.

CASA Blog:
I have created this CASA 12-Steps Blog to help others who sincerely seek recovery from all forms of chemical addiction, plus, all harmful addictions in general. Sadly, many people do not have regular Internet Access, but we are working on that too!

I will learn more about Blogs as time goes by and already know about how to be a Moderator for Yahoo Groups.

My main Yahoo Group is the Humane-Rights-Agenda Group:

CASA 12-Steps Progressive Recovery Program Blogspot:

Progressive Recovery To Combat Addiction Blog:

I appreciate the blog format as stuff is easier to see and more centrally located on one page, as distinct from having to open different windows with different Messages in Yahoo Groups.

Thus, this makes it easier to scan. Though, with Blogspot I do not have the Index format that Yahoo Groups do. As in life, we will see, learn and change as we go along.
Love God, Stay Straight and Help Others!
Peter S. Lopez {aka Peta}
Main Email:
Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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