Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brother Rick and Peta

Here is a picture of Brother Rick and myself. I am his official Sponsor mainly because he needed one at a time, but he is doing good in his recovery as far as his continued sobriety.

He is usually busy at work and stays at the Adult Rehab Center or ARC {a rehab and housing program runned by the Salvation Army}. I mainly just see him at CASA Meetings.

Actually, I am not the best of sponsors because my time is usually tight and I do not have the 'free time' to be a sponsor as one might wish nor can I just be 'on call'.

I believe that when one has the rehab-hosuing situation available that being involved with a group of brothers in the brotherhood who are also into recovery is more helpful than just a sponsor who has his own life to live elsewhere in other situations.

Above all, we must keep a conscious contact with God, help others when we can in practical ways and keep growing on the Spiritual Path.

In many ways, recovery is a lonely endeavor, especially when ne has moved out of a sheltered situation, but one must endure through thick and thin in the ups and downs of life.

A lot of progressive recovery involves being actively involved in progressive issues, not just tripping on one's own concerns, but beng concerned with the welfare or well-being of the people.

A lot of our existence when we were in our lethal active addiction revolves around us, our dope, our high and our next fix. We must reach out to others, yet always, strive to keep a conscious contact with God! Ultimately, as Christians Against Substance Addiction, we must see that the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our one and only true Saviour!
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