Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brother Steve and Sister

Here is a pix after a recent CASA Meeting of Brother Steve and a Sister who name I forget right now... forgive me... sometimes the ol' brain cells don't 'member as they should. It has been another long time and it is after midnight so I made it clean and sober through another day!

As we progress in our sober recovery we find that life opens up for us again and things become possible we once thought were impossible. The key is to keep coming back, if we fall down we must get back up, if we fall back we must rise up and move forward again and again! Never give up! What would we give up to? Our sick old disease??? Never!!! This is why getting into our sober progressive recovery is not an easy task, in fact, it can be the hardest challenge we ever faced!

We must be aware of our here and now. We must make a firm solid decision to turn out life and our will into the safe hands of Our Creator! We must responsible and think about the consequences of all of our key decisions in our lives!

This is a real war! This is the war of life! We must be warriors in this War of Life!

In this war, sometimes people fall, sometimes they get wounded and sometimes they even die a foolish death!

Thus, we must be serious about holding onto sobriety as we hold onto lfe, continue to work on our personal recovery, do our own daily inventory and keep on progressing forward!

Love thyself! ~~Peta de Aztlan
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