Friday, April 07, 2006

April 7th, 2006: "Keep Coming Back' --
New Name for A.A. at Sally's


I will try to post blog entrys here about various recovery related matters.

I faciliated Our CASA Workshop Meeting today. It is suppose to start at 3 PM , but I was late.

Brother Jeff and a new Brother Robby Jones were present, Kristen is a blessing for our Group. Brother Todd, a former accountant who is a Christian scientist, is working on some good stuff for the windows related to 'issues in recovery'.

Earlier I got a call on my cell phone from Toro, he had toothache and wantged me to help faciliate the A.A. Meeting at Sally's, I did so. Jeff chaired with 'family' as a topic. Toro showed up late, so he is hanging in there.

A big change to me is that we took a Vote to change the name of our A.A. Group there to 'Keep Coming Back!"

Another Brother Howard LaPierre has made a commitment to do a A.A. Book Study Group at Sally's on Wednesday. He has some good clean time in of years, but time and quantity in recovery are two different elements.

We will see. The situation is that since it is an Emergency Shelter we would not have a regular group of guys, but the concept is sound. If Howard is sure, then, I do encourage the attempt. We must all encourage each other.

Love God, Stay Straight & Help Others!

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