Monday, May 01, 2006

CASA Meeting:
Domingo, April 30, 2006

We had a our usual CASA 12-Steps Sunday Meeting at Sally's. Below are a couple of pictures of precious Sister Brenda W. and myself.

I want to take more pictures of the CASA Meetings, but I know that some would be shy or leery about getting their pictures taken.

I guess this is due to different reasons, includiing:

* The old idea of reserving anonymity

* The fact of us all being in a homeless shelter

* The general sense of dis-ease that sometimes some people can have about their being at a recovery meeting, though, they should have a sense of pride that they have the courage and intelligence to attend one.

I will work on it. One factor in our CASA 12-Steps Meeting is that being stationed at a homeless shelter a lot of our people come and go on a daily basis. Thus, I do not have a regular group of CASA Members, though, sometimes we get a few who come on a regular basis even when they are no longer staying at the shelter.

Whatever is clever. I know that many have been helped by CASA over the years and many, such as I, have their roots of recovery at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter or Sally's as we affectionately call it. Whatever happens once people leave Sally's they know they will always be welcomed at a CASA 12-Steps Meeting. Keep coming back!

I got a call yesterday from Brother Rick who is now at Mather Community Campus and I pray he does well. He came out of the Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center, worked on his program and has advanced in his life.

I told him about the dangers of isolation and not forgetting his roots of recovery. He knows about how the battleground may change but wherever we go there is still Spiritual Warfare taking place. Thus, we must stay awake, stay alert and keep on the full armor of God! ~~Peta, CASA Field Coordinator

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