Friday, May 05, 2006

Checking In: Cinco de Mayo: 05-05-2006

4:50 PM

Blessings ~ I am at the Christian Science Reading Room per usual for the CASA Spiritual Workshop. Today we had a couple of brothers show up, Anthony P. and Horatio Garcia. We did not really have a usual workshop wherein we discuss the 12-Steps and work on them. I gave them a copy of my old CASA Testimony.

Neither are really ready to do the kind of Spiritual Work this Spiritual Approach requires but it was good just communicating, though, we mainly listened to Brother Horatio about his visions.

I am not the one to judge whether one has a true vision or not nor their origins, but I have learned to patiently hear people out.

Today is Cinco de Mayo so that fact alone is enough excuse for many Chicanos to get drunk. Sometimes holidays can be such a drag to me. Sister Kristen is up in Seattle today and Brother Todd is here upstairs doing his work.

I guess I will check out the street scene, then, head back to my Peta Sanctuary. I will keep doing these Spiritual Workshops as they do help my own Spiritual Work and it gets me away from my home computer for awhile. Plus, if I can be of any help to people in a Spiritual Sense that is an added blessing.

I want to be a free-lance writer so I must naturally focus on my writing as an active occupational endeavor, not just a passive pastime.

Catch ya later!
Peta de Sacraztlan
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