Thursday, May 18, 2006

Email from Dick B. + Links

Hola Dick B. ~ Thank you for your kind words. I always need more encouragement as many of us do. Let me know where that is at and I will correct it. I might of gotten that from the Oxford Group Connection websource. I will check out your Links later on today. but wanted to respond to this and will blog it too.

I have learned in my continued recovery to do things while I am at it and not procrastinate. Proscrastination is one of my own personal shortcomings. I strive to be honest, open and willing to change.
Blessings and Prayers ~ Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
"Dick B." ; wrote:

You folks have some excellent materials on your site. You have grasped the importance of the Bible, the Creator, and Jesus Christ in the recovery scene; and that is what I have spent 16 years researching and writing about. Early A.A. in Akron was a Christian Fellowship which took its basic ideas from the Bible, stressed abstinence, conversion, reliance on the Creator, elimination of sinful conduct, growth in fellowship through Bible study, prayer, seeking guidance, and then fellowship and witnessing to others. Most in 12 Step groups just don’t know this history.

What caught my eye about your was the misspelling of the name of Bill Wilson’s sponsor Ebby.
Ebby’s full name was Edwin Throckmorton THACHER-not “Thatcher.”

Keep in touch, and for full and accurate information on early A.A.’s pioneer fellowship, Biblical roots, and 75 to 93% success rate, see:

AA History:

Dick B.’s Personal AA History Blog Site:



God Bless, Dick B.

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