Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Visit to Mather Community Campus:
May 24, 2006

Wednesday: 5-24-2006

Today my Amigo Jeff and I went out to Mather Community Campus to go check it out, go by the Sac Works out there and get a few things from the Free Clothes Room.

For those who are not in the know, Mather Community Campus (or MCC) is a two-year transitional housing and recovery program located out by Rancho Cordova in eastern Sacramento County. It once provided housing units for members of the United States Air Force and called Mather Air Force Base.

Now, it is for formerly homeless people who come out of the local shelter system, such as, Salvation Army programs, the County Aid-In-Kind Program, the 700 Club at the Comprehensive Alcoholism Treatment Center and a few other places.

Former Shelter Cients Now Living Happy Lives at Mather Village!

Mather Community Campus Internet Links:

Mather Community Campus ~ Department of Human Assistance Link

Mather Community Campus is a program for those homeless families and single adults who believe employment is an essential part of building their new life.

Our community is dedicated to providing the best possible services and a supportive environment to learn new skills and build a healthy lifestyle.

Students thrive in a safe and secure community where Support Staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Units of varying sizes are offered to meet the needs of singles and families. All Students enjoy a private, roomy, air-conditioned unit with bath/shower.

Rooms come fully furnished and include a hookup for those Students who wish to install their own telephone.

Singles enjoy three meals a day in the relaxing community Dining Hall. Families have kitchens for flexible meal preparation on their own.

A case manager and an employment services worker will work in partnership with you to secure a steady income, build a stable lifestyle and obtain permanent housing.

Your interests, abilities and goals will be assessed in light of employment opportunities in the Sacramento job market. You will build job search skills, learn how to keep a job and explore ways to advance in your chosen career path.

Job training opportunities are available on Campus and throughout the local community. The Sacramento Works One Stop Career Center is located on-Campus.

You will also attend a wide variety of daily groups including recovery, parenting skills, budgeting and housing to support your Graduation Plan.

As you prepare for permanent housing, the Housing Specialist will assist you to locate your new home.

Family/Children’s Services:
Along with the adult residents, children are valued members of the Campus. Our services include an enriching curriculum to support their development and the health of the family.

A learning lab, tutors, recreation, Children’s Council, playgrounds and other specialized services are provided.

Parents can access Children’s Services while they are attending activities on Campus. Workshops provide support and opportunities to build your parenting skills.

A wide variety of clean and sober recreation activities for adults and children include sports, music, art, gardening and monthly theme events.

Community Spirit:
MCC is a dynamic campus dedicated to enriching the lives and futures of its Students, staff and community partners. The Residents’ Council, Leadership Team and Community Advisory Committee ensure the quality of services and enhance the spirit of community.

All members of our Campus are involved in maintaining a safe, clean and sober community. Activities that support Students in recovery include alcohol and other drug education workshops, transportation to nearby twelve step groups, and clean and sober recreation activities. All Students participate in drug testing.

To meet the varied transportation needs of our Campus, the Campus van services includes stops at Light Rail and selected job, recovery, childcare and shopping locations. Additionally, Regional Transit Route 75 provides regular bus service to the Campus, including evenings and weekends.

Students pay affordable rent and program fees for their housing, utilities and numerous services. Students on the singles site also pay food fees.

Something to Think About
Life at Mather Community Campus is challenging and enriching, and all Campus members are committed to your success. If you are ready to work hard, then MCC may be the place for you to build a new life.

“You have all changed my perception of fear. Instead of being afraid of tomorrow, I welcome it. Thanks for helping me save my life.” --Graduate of Mather Community Campus

To Apply
For information on how to take a tour and apply:



Participating Agencies:
PRIDE Industries
Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center
Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Volunteers of America

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Housing and Transition to Adulthood Planning -- Mather Community Campus (MCC) MCC is a residential transitional housing site that provides training, employment and housing to employable homeless

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