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Shelita Re: [The CASA 12-Steps Program Blog!] Visit to Mather Community Campus: May 24, 2006

12:10 AM Early Friday ~
Watching Late Edition of Democracy Now! It is a great program and I am sure on the Rogue Bush Regime Hit LIst.
Yes, it has been a long long war for me. I started becoming more and more socially aware that 'something was wrong' by the time I hit my teens, had a rudimentary social awareness by the time I was sweet 16-Earth years and go into full rebellion. Then, that was during the late 60's so the whole country was in heavy and radical times. I have seen a lot of the ebb and flow of social movements and thrusts towards revolutionary goals over these decades. Fascinating times.
Eventually, I tried to escape via dope and booze as many others did and still do, including legal pharmaceutical dope. I would see how screwed up the whole scene was, how lost and apathetic the people were and despite my best efforts at the time it just seemed to be of no use... revolution in my lifetime seemed impossibly remote... so I would just say, "Fuck It!' and get "Fucked-up!" which got me into the suicidal behavior of my own booze-dope addiction.
Now I can see the horizon and it is a beautiful one! Much of the struggle is within ourselves, our own minds, our own souls and in our own personal lives in our constant efforts to cope with our environment.
This whole country needs serious recovery to get back to the high ideals of its original founding principles, though, history has taught us that is had bad seeds and original sins to begin with , especially the mass genocide against the original native indigenous peoples of these lands and the terribly tragic black slave trade, the major disruptions of already stabilized and well self-governing civilizations, especially in the Americas.
Remember: Recovery is essentially a medical health term in connected reality. One cannot recovery what one never had
and so that is why life is a constant progressive Spiritual Path towards higher and higher levels of humane consciousness.
Well... I want to finsih watching this program. Life is often a matter of learning in humility and in rememberance that we are truly ignorant of all that we do not know, thus, I am immensely ignorant of so much. Nevertheless, what I know I know I know.
Prayers, Blessings and Sweet Joys to All of You ~
Tu Amigo, Peta de Aztlan
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shellyi2005 <> wrote:
Looking back you have come along way my brother and looking forward the skies the limit ! I hope Mathers can continue their good work well into the future.

Mather Community Campus Internet Links:

Mather Community Campus ~ Department of Human Assistance Link

Mather Community Campus is a program for those homeless families
and single adults who believe employment is an essential part of
building their new life.

To Apply and for information on how to take a tour and apply:



Participating Agencies:
PRIDE Industries
Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center
Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Volunteers of America

[PDF] IT CAN BE DONE! File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -

Housing and Transition to Adulthood Planning -- Mather Community Campus (MCC) MCC is a residential transitional housing site that provides training, employment and housing to employable homeless:

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