Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Our Marathon" By Peta-de-Aztlan

Our recovery is like running a real-life marathon
A long-distance journey all the way to the Finish Line
When we win sober without dope, booze or fine wine.
Living a good life just as it comes one day at a time.

In our marathon are pits, traps and land mines.
Dark demons, devious devils and assorted sneaky swine
Memories of madness can yank us back out on slimy snacks
Haunting ghosts that remind us of dope fiend tracks.

Each step forward brings us closer to where we aim to be.
Sometimes we might slip up and land hard on our knees.
So keep prayed up to Almighty God with honest heartfelt pleas.
Know it is not always wise to do as we damn well please.

Take your time, pace your self and don’t go all out at full speed.
Slow down to a steady trot in a moment of need.
We can just walk it, staying on out feet, one step at a time.
Sometimes we might even crawl, but keep going through it all!

Our fellow runners may die out from exhaustion
Go down in depression, give up and quit with a weak heart.
Understand this breathing in-and-out business is a real life art!
Keep your eyes on the prize and keep your head up to the skies!

Keep in conscious contact with our Loving Great Creator
Enjoy the beauty on the journey in this real-life theater!
When you pass the Finish Line, look forward to the future feeling fine.
Then, look back and encourage newcomers behind you coming up the line.

Make steady progress moving on one day and night at a time.
As long as it works for your own program it don’t have to rhyme.
Stay with the real winners, cut loose spiraling down spinners.
And treasure good health as your greatest wealth!


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