Friday, October 27, 2006

Response: ... heard around the AA meetings

Gracias for sharing these... I am going to save them.. and share at CASA Meeting this Sunday. I got one off the top of my head...hold on.. OK... it started going off by itself...
When I want to make God laugh I tell him my well-thought out plans without consulting him! ~~Love Ya, Peta

Linda Whittaker
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This was posted on one of my recovery boards. Some are pretty goo.
  1. Directions to AA: Just go straight to hell and make a u-turn.
  2. AA: Being a part of something is more important that being the center of attention.
  3. AA is the only place where you can walk into a room full of strangers and reminisce.
  4. AA romance.... the odds are good... but the goods are odd.
  5. AA: Look for a way in; not for a way out.
    AA: We are not reformed drunks, but informed alcoholics
  6. AA has no fixed address -- you can take it with you.
  7. AA: We are here for a reason, not for the season
  8. AA Groups: An AA group will be judged by the worst behavior of its members
  9. Before I came to AA I was dead, but did not know enough to lie down.
  10. In AA there are no losers -- just slow winners
  11. Alcoholic (as defined by self): A piece of crap that the universe revolves around.
    Alcoholic: Someone who refuses to give up a life of failure without a fight.
  12. A person who when s/he goes to a wedding, wants to be the bride and when s/he goes to a funeral, wants to be the corpse.
  13. An alcoholic is someone who wants to be held while isolating.
  14. Alcoholic: "I may not be much, but I'm all I think about."
  15. Alcoholic: "If I could drink like a normal drinker, I'd drink all the time!"
  16. Alcoholics burn their bridges in front of them.
  17. An alcoholic is someone who finds something that works and then stops doing it.
  18. If you think that you are an alcoholic, chances are you are.
    An alcoholic is a man with two feet planted firmly in mid-air.
  19. Non-alcoholics change their behavior to meet their goals; alcoholics change their goals to meet their behavior.
    An alcoholic can be in the gutter and still look down on people.
  20. High bottoms have trap doors
    If the cure works, chances are you have the disease.
  21. Three most dangerous words for an alcoholic: "I've been thinking"


Note: The numbers are kind of off, but the ideas comes across... hey, these folks are still in recovery! Doctor Linda has been my online sponsor for several years and more than that she is a blessing and cherished friend. Even though she lives in Jerusalem and I live in California, we have shared a lot over the years. ~Peta

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