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In my own words

I'm an active, recovered member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I use the pen name Dick B. to conform to A.A. Traditions. I am also, a Christian, a Bible student, and a retired attorney.

As of November 1, 2004, I had been researching the roots of early A.A. in the Bible and the Oxford Group for 14 years. And published 23 titles on all aspects of A.A.'s spiritual history, biblical roots, and astonishing successes in the 1930's and very early 1940's. And why? Because one tires of hearing about a 'higher power' that can be a tree, a radiator, a light bulb, the group, or Gertrude. And one tires of seeing Biblical expressions in A.A.'s basic text and yet hearing today's literature writing that A.A. is 'spiritual, but not religious' when outsiders and the courts readily see its religious character and can learn its Christian roots. And one tires of the fatalism that abounds today. So I decided to find out where A.A. came from and pass on to the 100 plus men that I have sponsored the truth about A.A.'s roots.

Currently, one history after another comes out and purports to talk about A.A.'s beginnings. Yet there is no mention of the Bible, of God, of Jesus Christ, of healing, of forgiveness, or of deliverance. All the things that early AAs relied upon for their astonishing recoveries. So each of my twenty-three published titles and over 60 articles covers some aspect, and often more than one, of A.A.'s six major Biblical basic roots:
(1) The Bible.
(2) Quiet Time and the daily devotionals.
(3) The teachings of Rev. Sam Shoemaker, Jr.
(4) The life-changing program of the Oxford Group.
(5) The details in the spiritual journal kept by Anne Ripley Smith (co-founder DR. Bob's wife) and shared with the pioneers and their families, but unmentioned today. (6) The extensive Christian literature ranging from St. Augustine to Brother Lawrence to Henry Drummond to John Mott to Harry Emerson Fosdick to Glenn Clark to Oswald Chambers, and a host of others.

One of the most recent finds has been the roots of Akron A.A. in the United Christian Endeavor Society. If one wants to understand God in A.A. today, that person will not accomplish much in the meetings. But A.A. history abounds with truths from the Bible: how to come to God through His son Jesus Christ, how to be healed, how to comport yourself in accordance with Christian principles, how to pray, and how to receive guidance as one of God's kids. It's all there; and I welcome your comments and the many I receive each day. There's still plenty to learn and pass on.

God Bless, Dick B. x.shtml

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