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Hola Senor Dick Burns~ I have long thought that AA had strayed from its solid Christian basis, especially after I found about the Oxford Connection and saw the strange miraculous way that AA came into being, the various connections and interconnections between individuals and groups as if there was a guiding light shining the path ahead.

I did a Google and found an Profile on you and blogged it in a blog that I created some time ago for future reference:

It seems that it has taken up to these times of the Internet for us to come into contact. I believe there is a divine providence in the unfolding of some events as if they are in God's great plan.

When I am able to plan it better I will call you via your telephone number when it is most convenient for the both of us and we can chat. I am still learning about high-tech communications and am interested in multi-media, including audio-videos.

Around 1997 I literally came stumbling out of the bushes homeless by the Sacramento River and got into the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter here in Sacramento. Now I am a Counselor, Caseworker and the Housing Coordinator there at what we endearingly call Sally's.

I first got serious about the urgent survival need for my recovery from my own alcohol and drug addiction when I got involved with what was then a new Christian recovery group called CASA at Sally's. Dry knuckle AA sobriety did not impact me nor give me trust spiritual liberty, Thus, I seriously believe in a Christian approach to recovery.

CASA now stands for Christians Against Substance Addiction and it is a key part of my Ministry as a Christian. Before CASA referred to Christians Against Substance Abuse, but at the shelter we knew we were and are dealing with real hard-core substance addiction, especially alcoholism but including all forms of chemical dependency, not simply weekend warrior abuse. We were dying in many ways, especially suffering real spiritual death.

I know that time is a tyrant and to me it is sacred and priceless, esp, when I consider all the years I wasted in my damned drunkenness.

I know it is God's amazing grace that has cured me and I am still going through and involved in the wholistic healing process.

Send me what God wills to you to do. I would be greatly honored to post what I can from you and spread Gospel Messages of faith, hope and a real cure for our chemicl calamities. To my last breath, I will continue the good fight to help people as best as I can.

I have long been deeply interested in raising consciousness to a high humane level with care, concern and compassion for others. I know there are many approaches to recovery and by its very nature recovery is truly progressive. Ultimately, it involves the creation of a new humane being with true reverence for life and a deep understanding of its sublime sacredness in harmony with Creator God's good will for us.

Humanely Yours In Christ~
Peter S. Lopez ~aka:Peta
CASA Field Coordinator

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Dick Burns <> wrote:
Thank you for the invitation. I've invited you to join our World Wide History Fellowship (no charge) and have sent you the list. I am 82 and no whiz at posting mysteries, but my mission has been to unearth, analyze, organize, publicize, and disseminate the facts about early A.A.'s documented 75 to 93% success rate among seemingly hopeless medically incurable real alcoholics who gave it their best shot after they were linked. I would be delighted to send you posts; but it may be that I will send them to you directly and ask you to do the honors in posting. In His Service, Dick
Richard G. Burns (Dick B.)
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Peter S. Lopez has sent you a link to a blog:

Thank you for your inspiration! Continue on doing your blessed Ministry! Brother Peter S. Lopez

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    by Devin Sexson
    Alcoholics Anonymous is a "cult of necrophilia." I am not saying here that there is some kind of bizarre sexual ritual involving dead bodies in AA meetings. What this means is that there is a fascination with death. The cult revolves around death. I remember when I went to AA I would here the common statement, something to the effect of, "I felt terrible earlier today, then I went to a meeting and now I feel just great!"
    I wondered why I never felt great after a meeting. Meetings usually had no effect on me but often I found them down right creepy. Why? Because I am not a necrophiliac, I don't get off on sitting around talking about how we will die of alcoholism if we don't ingest this religious crap.
    But the creepiness goes a little deeper than that. In order for the cult to function some members must die from alcoholism. Those members who "cannot or will not" resign themselves to the religio-fascist structure of the cult can only be of value to the cult if they are:
    1. Constantly relapsing.
    2. Dead.
    Consider these examples:
    All of us in A.A. know the tremendous happiness that is in our sobriety, but there are also tragedies. My sponsor, Jackie, was one of these. He brought in many of our original members, yet he himself could not make it and died of alcoholism.
    -- The Big Book, 3rd Edition, page 239.
    After being dry two weeks and sticking close to Jackie, all of a sudden I found I had become the sponsor of my sponsor, for he was suddenly taken drunk. I was startled to learn that he had only been off the booze for a month or so himself when he brought me the message!
    -- The Big Book, 3rd Edition, page 245.
    The Boston group provided us with a fresh wonder and a big heartbreak, too. Its founder could never get sober himself and he finally died of alcoholism. Paddy was just too sick to make it. Slip followed slip, but he came back each time to carry A.A.'s message, at which he was amazingly successful. Time after time the group nursed him back to life. Then came the last bender, and that was it. This very sick man left behind him a great group and a triple-A rating for valor. His first two successes, Bert C. and Jennie B., carry on to this day.
    -- Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age, William G. Wilson, page 96.
    AA was already established in South Africa when Marty arrived, with a ready pool of interested and willing citizens. It had been started in that country by a relapsing alcoholic, "Johnny Appleseed." He was a gifted businessman and highly successful proponent of AA, but he could not stay sober. Regardless, wherever he traveled and got drunk and sobered up, he left literature about AA.
    -- A Biography of Mrs. Marty Mann: The First Lady of Alcoholics Anonymous, Sally Brown and David R. Brown, page 224.
    What is wrong with this picture? Why are these men sacrificing their own lives for the good of the cult? These are clear, unmistakable examples of how the cult values conversion more than sobriety, and more than the life and well-being of the individual.

    Mr. Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and creator of the twelve step program. Mr. Wilson was heavily influenced by demons. Chapter sixteen (p. 275f) of 'Pass It On' The Story of Bill Wilson and how the A.A. message reached the world records Mr. Wilson's use of the ouija board, participation in seances, psychic events, "spook sessions", table levitation, and how he would receive "messages" from "discarnate" spirits. Bill Wilson was clearly in contact with demons, and this is the man who created the deceptive twelve step program. Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. (step #11. Emphasis added.) The last part of this statement ("as we understood Him") is enough to damn your soul! God says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5). This is the exact opposite of "God as we understood Him." All men, according to Romans 1:18-32, are condemned before God, because they rely upon their own understanding (Romans 1:21; Ephesians 4:18, "having their understanding darkened"), and they create (in their own darkened minds) a god of their own making (Romans 1:23). To encourage people to turn their "lives over to the care of God as we understood Him", is to encourage people to "turn their lives over to a god of their own making" (i.e. according to their own understanding). This promotes nothing more than spiritual death (Revelation 22:15). In addition, these twelve steps are a deceitful attack against the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ (i.e. they are against Christ, antichrist, 2 John 7; Colossians 2:8-10).


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